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As its name implies, wood blinds are made from nature’s finest wood materials: oak, basswood, and cherry. These woods are known their durability, practicality, and beauty. Real wood blinds feature slats that effortlessly project natural warmth and beauty in your home. Wood blinds from Roller Blinds Toronto are available in a variety of finishes – and depending on your preferred finish, these blinds feature fine lines, subtle grain patterns, burls or knots that make them a great choice for your dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, or family rooms. Having real or genuine wood blinds installed in your home has several benefits.

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Real Wood VS Faux Wood

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Are you considering a makeover for your window or blinds? Are you torn between having a real wood or faux wood blind installed? You are not alone. Both options are available in a variety of beautiful colors and finishes – and while they have similar appearance, a wide range of differences still exist between the two materials. Our custom Faux wood blinds are the most affordable option. While our Real wood blinds give a more natural and rustic look when mounted on any window. Between these two collections of wood blinds, you have flexibility to decide what is best for your preferred home aesthetics and even your budget. At Roller Blinds Toronto, we have a variety of options when it comes to window coverings and are able to provide you with custom wood or faux wood blinds for any home, office building, or residential condo. Look at some of the features of GTA’s Best Real Wood Blinds Below!

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Features of Custom Real Wood Blinds

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Who wouldn’t love Real Wood Blinds?

Faux wood and real wood blinds are both amazing window covering options. It is important to determine the best environment or area of your apartment that any of the blinds will go. If the room does not receive direct sunlight, you may consider installing real wood blinds. If you have children in the home, maybe faux wood blinds would make more sense. Consider the factors around your property so you can figure out which of the great window options best fit your decorating needs. Whatever the case, you can rest assured faux and real wood blind options from Roller Blinds Toronto are designed with a variety of styles and designs – just ideal for any area of your space.

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Which Window Covering is Right for YOU?

Which window treatment is right for you? With different window types and home spaces comes the unwelcome challenge of finding the ideal shade for each setting. You can rest assured our Custom Real Wood Blinds in Toronto have got all of your window treatment needs covered. We understand the need for light, privacy, and style in today’s home – and we will give you a handful of designs that you will absolutely love.

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Buy Informed. Here we break down the Cost of Real Wood Blinds in Toronto!

Blind Type











Blackout Fabrics

Coloured Vinyl

Sheer Weave

1% to 14% Open

Exterior PVC


Wooven Woods

Premium Woods

Louver/Vane Size



2 ½”


3 ½”

Cord/Hinge Color



Motorized Lift

Motorized Tilt

Cordless Lift

Smart Pull Lift

Top-Down & Bottom-Up

Custom Colour Match

Blind Pricing

Window Covering Cost








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