7 Best Premium Interior Designers in Toronto That You Can Afford

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The work of an interior designer can spell the difference between a posh looking crib and an everyday apartment. Whether you have a 10-bedroom apartment or an 800-square feet home, creating a cohesive appearance that is reflective of your style may present a tricky prospect. That is where a premium & local Toronto interior designer can help. Whether you are looking to shape the flow and aesthetic of things around, or you need help rearranging existing pieces, creating a functional plan, or designing the interior of your new home, there is no shortage of quality and creative designers in this town. From identifying and sourcing amazing décor, to helping you overhaul your abode, Toronto’s premium interior designers can help transform your tastes and ideas into a quality design that fits the setting of your space – and at pocket-friendly prices. Here we take a look at Toronto’s 5 most affordable premium interior designers.

1. Vanessa Ferro Design

Vanessa Ferro Interior Design Services Toronto
Vanessa Ferro Design is a creative design boutique that strives to optimize a space to suit the personality and lifestyle of every client. The interior design firm works with the concept that a house can only be called a home when it is highly personal. In order to transform a room/house into an inviting, timeless, and elegant space, Vanessa blends family heirlooms with personally curated fixtures, using carefully selected to make for an appealing bespoke space. Through comprehensive research, personal passion, and extensive travel, Vanessa Ferro Design was inspired to produce the best of interior designs that have stood the test of time. Whether it be an urban townhouse, a rustic beach cottage, or an estate on the countryside, Vanessa employs her wide-ranging knowledge and attention to detail, working hand in hand with her clients throughout the project to ensure a classical, yet whimsical and personalized feel in your space.

Cost of Ferro’s Interior Design Services

At Vanessa Ferro Design, interior design projects typically cost CAD $1,000 and $50,000, making it one of the most affordable premium interior design services in Toronto. Vanessa Ferro Design Instagram page features a wide selection of collections that are not only creative but can inspire your next unique home improvement project.

2. Camden Lane Interiors

Camden Lane Interiors - Best Interior Design Services in Toronto
Camden Lane Interiors is a full-range creative design boutique which specializing in offering high-end residential design solutions. The Toronto-based interior design platform is set up to bring your vision to life and cater for your project ideas, tastes, and goals. No matter the size of the project – new build construction or complete renovation, Camden Lane Interiors is optimized to showcase your design esthetic. Premium interior design projects typically cost between CAD $1,000 to $100,000 – a big steal for anyone looking to add some life to his/her home improvement project. Check out their amazing projects on Instagram so you can decide what best suits your interior space plan.
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3. NM Interiors

Natalie Mirabelli - Best Modern Interior Design Services in Toronto
NM Interiors, represented by Natalie Mirabelli, is a boutique style residential interior service set up to service Toronto and surrounding areas. Natalie obtained her training from New York’s Sheffield School of Interior Design, effectively balancing her enthusiasm for quality designs with a strong skill set. She kicks off every project with an in-depth consultation and ensures an open communication process throughout the project.

Cost of NM Interiors Premium Interior Design Services in Toronto

Cost of Natalie Mirabelli Premium Interior Design Services in Toronto
Natalie also partners with leading interior design services that offer personalized and comprehensive designs reflective of a person’s lifestyle and personality. NM Interiors’ premium interior design projects typically cost between CAD $5,000 to $100,000, depending on the scope of work. Considering Natalie’s portfolio and varied work experience, her price point is pocket-friendly – and one of the most affordable premium interior design services in Toronto. NM Interiors’ Instagram page features a wide range of interior design selections, and you can rest assured you’ll find one that fits your tastes and ideas.

4. DL Arch  Design

DL Arch Design & Premium Feature Design & Architectural Studio - Exterior Design Services in Toronto
DL Arch  Design is a Toronto-based Interior design boutique known for creating unique spaces that are not only functional, but capture a client’s personality and lifestyle. Managed by Daneykya Lazier, the Instagram page of DL Arch  Design features a wide range of premium interior design types – and with Daneykya’s projects typically costing between $10,000 and $500,000, DL Arch  Design offers one of the most affordable and satisfying interior design services in Toronto.

5. Safiya Design Studio Inc.

Safiya Interior Design Studio Toronto - Best Modern Design Services
Safiya Design Studio Inc. is a multidisciplinary boutique firm which emphasizes class and sophistication at its breathtaking best. The goal here is to understand the needs, tastes, and lifestyle of a client in order to deliver a uniquely designed space. Safiya Design Studio thrives by working with their clients 100 percent of the time, to create a roadmap of plans, finishes, and inspirations for the execution of a project. Every detail is key to the quality and superiority level of the design. Led by Sharifa Alonzo who believes that every individual has an untold story, Safiya Design Studio Inc. is an innovative and classic design solution set out to capture inspiration to create the space that emphasizes clients’ ideas.

Cost of Safiya’s Modern & Personalized Interior Design Services

The Safiya Design Studio Inc. Instagram page features a wide range of interior design selections. Safiya Design Studio Inc. interior design projects typically cost between CAD $10,000 to $2,000,000 – an ideal range that covers all kinds of projects – no matter how big or small they may be.
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6. Fohr Design Studio

Fohr Modern Interior Design Studio - Best Interior Design Services in Toronto
Fohr Design Studio is a professional modern design firm offering full range interior design services. The team of skilled and extensively experienced designers possess the know-how needed to ensure efficient and accurate translation of the specific needs and ideas of a client into a three-dimensional space. Interior designers at Fohr Design Studio work with creative and unique aesthetics in order to encourage innovative design solutions for each and every project.
Cost of Fohr's Toronto Interior Design Studio Services

Cost of Fohr’s Toronto Interior Design Services

The goal here is to ensure beautiful yet functional designs are set up based on effective client-designer relationships. Fohr Design Studio features a wide range of premium interior design on their Instagram page – and with projects typically valued between CAD $10,000 and $3.5m, the interior design firm is not only affordable, but is perfectly tuned to deliver design projects of all types.

7. Avissa Design

Avissa Modern Interior Design Services Toronto
Avissa Design is a Toronto centered, multifaceted interior design firm that offers smart designs tailored to the unique visions and needs of each client. With a team made up of designers, architects, and project managers, Avissa Design is optimized to provide specialized custom services in residential homes, condos, and the high-end markets. From simple interior design projects to huge commercial projects, Avissa Design offers quality and attention to detail, and carry out these projects with unrivaled excellence. The Avissa Instagram page features a wide selection of premium interior designs that could suit any home space – and different budget plans. Project prices typically range between CAD $10,000 and $6m, depending on the nature of the project.


A good premium interior designer will hone your ideas and preferred style down to its very quintessence and be able to select an appealing and functional design layout that effortlessly blends with your space. Most clients who hire premium interior designers in Toronto – especially for remodeling projects – have a sense of how the space should look like and the products they will need. Whatever it is the client may need – whether the project needs to start from scratch or just needs some professional finish – a good interior design firm in Toronto will help create the ideal look that fits your home space. Hence, in addition to looking out for affordable design services, ensure you hire a designer that understands what you need and can bring your ideas to life. The list above features top-level premium interior designers in Toronto – and with their varied price points, you will definitely find one that not only understands your ideas but can bring it to life at a pocket-friendly price point.

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