The Ultimate Guide to Automatic and Motorized Blinds in Canada

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Motorized and automatic blinds are a convenient option for the savvy smart homeowner. They give you ultimate control over your shades, so you do not have to get out of bed when sleep beckons on a Saturday! Are you considering motorized or automatic blinds for your window treatments? Are you intrigued by their novel functionalities, but not quite sure it that is worth the investment? This guide walks you through the different motorized blind options, how they are controlled, how they are powered, and their amazing benefits – especially to home and condo owners with very wide or very large windows. What is the difference between Motorized Blinds? Motorized blinds typically come in two varieties: motorized tilt and motorized lift. Motorized tilt allows you tilt your vanes or slats open or close to increase or reduce light, and it is for horizontal or slatted blinds like aluminum or wood, while motorized lift is typically for shades life roller, cellular, and Roman blinds. Once you have selected the blind type and determined whether you need motorized tilt or lift, you will have to choose the power source for your automatic blinds. There are four main power source options for motorized blinds … Read More